The discussion continues

The recent events in D.C. are still provoking discussion; there are so many different opinions about what happened. It’s necessary to read or hear what people think, and what it may portend, but after reading and hearing so many varied and sometimes opposing viewpoints, it’s hard to sort out what I think.

When I learn what people in other countries think about us, and about what is going on in “our ” country I get the impression that there are a lot of misconceptions, but that’s to be expected, given that there are different cultures and mindsets involved. And then there’s the factor of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ and their peculiar, warped view of the world — which bears little to no relationship to reality.

Will things ever be the same? It seems the answer is in the negative. Granted, for the last year or so, life has been changed greatly, so for some time we have been in uncharted terrain.

I found this piece to be a thought-provoking take:

“We have finally reached the End of the Republic. The results of future elections will lie within parameters established by the Powers That Be. There will be no more successful “dark horse” candidates; the system has been rigged to prevent them.

On a related note, Sundance at Conservative Tree House has joined the dreamers at Power Line, although his desperate optimism takes a somewhat different tack: he proposes the founding of a new political party led by Donald Trump, which would siphon off most Republican voters, as well as a big chunk of Democrats and independents.

It’s a nice idea, and it might have worked before the widespread adoption of Dominion voting machines. But after 2020, how does such a party go about actually winning an election? The machinery to prevent that possibility is already in place. Nobody can get elected without the approval of the Deep State. Which means it will be the UniParty — Democrats plus safe (neutered) Republicans — from here on out.”

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 8 Jan 2021

And further, the issue of how to have an effective protest by genteel rules:

“There has been a cavalcade of “conservatives” eager to denounce Donald Trump and the angry crowd at the Capitol. Their general theme is that “violence solves nothing.” How easily they have forgotten the means by which the Patriots of 1776 threw off the yoke of King George III and established a constitutional republic! If these modern-day talking heads had their way, we’d still be sending politely-worded lists of grievances to the queen and her ministers.”

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 8 Jan 2021

[Read the rest at the link.]

There has been a lot of dismay over the mass purges on the big social media. It’s as though a lot of people can’t imagine life without their social media, despite the fact that the social media consistently mistreat anyone who doesn’t go along with the accepted belief system. And what did people do before social media became such a part of life? There are other ways to communicate. But as things are going we may not have our First Amendment rights anyway; that will be reserved for those who have the correct views.

But at this point we can only guess about the future.

One thought on “The discussion continues

  1. I very highly doubt we’ve had an “honest” election in this country for decades. This is why I’ve been calling them the “sham elections” for years. I respect Bodissey and the work he’s done over the years at GoV, but he’s way behind on this one as far as I’m concerned. I don’t say that to be critical of him, just making an observation.


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