The events of this last week have left many people puzzled; what is going on? Why the troops, and why in such great numbers? There has been so much speculation, but I won’t presume to offer an opinion or an explanation; I’ve considered the many possible explanations and discussed the subject with others, and I’m left with no satisfactory answers.

This story seems not to make sense: The Daily Mail reports that antifa mobs attacked Democrat Party Headquarters in Portland, rioted in Seattle and Denver — protesting Biden. The first thing that’s odd here is that they even report on leftist protests and riots, but this story asserts that the rioters are opposing their supposed allies. Is this just propaganda or did it really happen? Maybe the antifa are just looking for more notoriety; maybe they are bored with not being given enough to do, so they decided to burn and destroy a few things, just to keep their hand in? But on the face of it, it looks very strange.

Something that I see as a worrying trend: the media are ratcheting up their rhetoric, describing the Q followers as ‘dangerous’ and ‘potentially violent’ and other such terms. And they are consistently using the term ‘cult’ to describe the group. I’ve been familiarizing myself with the group because they have drawn so much attention, but I am not going to consult only biased and hostile ‘news’ sources when I can simply observe the group members and try to learn from sources with first-hand information.
From what I’ve observed they are not a ‘dangerous’ or violent group, but then we have to keep in mind that today words are defined differently, with anybody on the right deemed dangerous. And the label, once applied to somebody, can potentially carry a heavy social stigma. Social Credit System?

As Americans we should not be so ready to apply harsh labels to our own folk but that is what is happening. I see a lot of people calling Q followers ‘Q-tards‘ (what a juvenile label to put on people; are we all schoolchildren?) ‘crackpots’, ‘crazy’ and so on. Meanwhile any really crazy cult is tolerated.

Cults are something I’ve made a study of; they are morbidly fascinating. But for a real example of a cult, how about Jim Jones’ little group? They mingled with the high society crowd in the Bay Area, were friends with the politicians. They had connections while today, the Q people, who are for the most part very normal people, are made out to be lunatics. It’s a dangerous trend to ‘demonize’ them or anyone who does not hold the majority viewpoints. Any Americans who are even slightly right-wing and/or Christian will end up being targets.

However the Q people, absorbed in the strange spectacle that has transpired in D.C., seem to be stunned by what seems to be happening. There are Q followers who are having to consider the possibility that their leaders/heroes may not be what they purported to be. Some have become disillusioned while some have renewed their absolute faith in Trump and ‘Q’; there are those who are terribly confused by it all, and very emotional because of their doubts.

And the Q followers, for some reason, are besieged by haranguing ‘trolls’ on their streaming channels. The Q followers, having been de-platformed and ejected from some of their former streaming services, have gone from pillar to post — I suppose this is the result of the very negative propaganda being put out by those who control the media platforms.

I think the presence of the leftist ‘trolls’ in the chat rooms of Q channels is a kind of abuse; it has a bullying aspect to it, as these people taunt and ridicule and insult the Q followers. What is the purpose of that, other than just a sadistic desire to humiliate and harass innocent people? Even though the “election” is over and a new president inaugurated — the left persists with this particular campaign of gaslighting and bullying. It appears that they are ‘assigned’ to do this on a regular basis; some of these creatures say they are paid so much per hour to do this, and the Q Patriots too often meekly subject themselves to that treatment. If I were subjected to that kind of emotional and mental abuse I would not take kindly to it, nor tolerate it. But then I am not as pacifistic as the Q ‘family.’

What a strange time we live in.

It is interesting to see how some people — not just Q followers (or actual ‘cultists’) manage to hold onto their beliefs despite being disappointed when the promises turn out to be unfulfilled, and when their heroes’ prophecies don’t materialize. But studies of these things have shown that ‘true believers’ often find their beliefs reinforced when the hoped-for rewards don’t come. It’s odd, but it does seem to happen that way. I suppose that we all have a need to believe and to hope, even despite the odds being against the ideal outcome.

I generally maintain a cautious hope when it comes to trusting, especially when I am expected to take a great leap of faith with little evidence to justify it.

At this moment I can only say that to all appearances, Trump has let his devoted followers down, but I am open to being wrong. I would like to be wrong in this case. I think that a lot of Americans feel the same.

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