What about ‘Operation Trust’?

Lately there has been a story making its rounds about the Q movement, claiming that something called Operation Trust, which is said to be a ‘Bolshevik Psy-Op’ was the prototype for the Q movement. Some of what I’ve read says that this Operation Trust was used by DS to dupe the Q movement, hence the ‘Trust the Plan’ trope. This idea seems a little too handy in my opinion; it sort of has a feel of desperation about it, as if those who started this story are trying to quickly discredit the Q movement.

Lest anyone say or think that I am shilling for Q, I’m not a member of that group, but neither am I hostile to the anons; they’re being wrongly slandered as extremists, and they should and must not be thrown to the wolves just because some anti-Q folk want to ‘distance themselves.’

I think it’s only fair and reasonable to hear both sides of a question. I came across this piece which discusses the ‘Operation Trust’ honeypot.

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik Counter-Intelligence honeypot trap to identify anti-communist patriots by having them wait for a secret military plan that didn’t exist.”

Read the entire piece. Whether or not you accept it is your call. I am not sure what I believe about it, but just accepting the (in many cases biased) assertions of the ‘conservative’ apologists online isn’t enough for me. The writer of the piece offers arguments against the stories that have made the rounds. There are also some links within the article that are worth looking at.

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