A warning from a surprising source

Well, this is one for the books. Vladimir Putin has warned us about endangered ”democracy”, caused by rampant censorship. I realize that most Americans now think of Putin and Russia as our ‘friends’, probably as a result of the baseless allegations of Russia influencing our elections. However, contrarian that I am by nature, I retain some skepticism about Russia and the leadership there. But Putin’s warning increases my respect for him, at least in this instance.

Paul Craig Roberts’ piece, to which I link here, sums up the troubling situation in which American citizens who have been heretofore guilty of no crime, are being prosecuted for ‘wrong’ political affiliations and opinions, and even for memes. I wonder if this crackdown is meant to make examples of a few or does it presage a larger net being cast to send a message to those who are being designated as ‘terrorists’ and ‘extremists’?

And why are so many of us unwilling — or is it unable? — to break free from Social Media, despite their totalitarian actions against anyone who is not in agreement with their extremism and their heavy-handed silencing of those whose politics are not acceptable to the Media Oligarchs?

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