It’s happening

The principal of a public school in New York City’s East Village has sent home materials with pupils, spelling out how students of European descent must ultimately work their way through the ‘8 Degrees of Whiteness’, the ultimate degree of which is to become a ‘White Abolitionist’.

The school in question, FWIW, is one of those which boasts of its ‘vibrant and diverse‘ student body. As do they all, these days. If only they could boast about teaching their students all sides of an issue, and promote free exchange of ideas and viewpoints — and facts, as our First amendment was intended to do.

I know of a young lady, from outside the U.S. who scoffs at the suggestion that there is a movement towards abolishing ‘Whiteness’. She says there is not, and never has been, anything like discrimination against people of European descent. This kind of denial is mainly due to the mendacious media and their mostly successful effort to keep the truth suppressed, Young students today live in a bubble in which only politically correct left-wing lies and obfuscations are allowed to be heard, hence the ignorance. I suppose eventually reading will be forbidden so as to shield the young from reality. In the meantime the public schools in particular spread their toxic ideology. So young people like my acquaintance will never know the truth nor will they listen to anyone who tries to spread truth, but they will continue to attack, verbally if not by physical means, anyone who intrudes into their bubble of falsehood.

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