2 thoughts on “Posting interruptions

  1. I just saw that Cambria has set aside special prayer intentions for you in his blog post for March 6. I haven’t been checking my usual lineup of blogs recently due to just being wrung out on all things political.

    I offer my thanks for being one of the “good ones” out there. I can’t remember how I found this blog but I’ve been a reader for at least 5 years. Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife, Vox Day, Cambria Will Not Yield, and Chateau Heartiste’s posts on Gab are the only people I check on now. I also offer my prayers for you to get through whatever ails you at this time. Unlike the rest of this mad world at the moment, I’m sure you’re a courageous type that will meet whatever God wills to happen with your health with peace and grace.


  2. Hello VA, I am one of your friends from your early blogging days. I kept a blog for a time too. I am sorry to hear of your illness and am praying for your recovery. Your work has meant a lot to me.


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