An impossible goal

I haven’t been closely following the news, but I am aware of the controversy over women competing against male transgenders in certain sports. At first, I tended to side with the women, but on giving it some thought, it appears to me as though the women have more or less conceded that they are not the ”equals” of the men, or there would be no complaints from them. It seems as though they’ve confessed that the feminist myth of ”equality” is shown to be empty

Then I read what blogger ”Anonymous Conservative” had to say on his blog. I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote this from him:

“What will kill any argument about women in the service from feminists, is asking why they don’t want to compete against male transgenders in sports? If they don’t feel able to compete for a trophy against a man, then why are they putting soldiers lives in danger by stepping onto the battlefield? Nobody will confuse a platoon of women Marines with male Marines in an NCAA competition, so why is it different on the battlefield?”

That was something I hadn’t considered, but he is right; if women can’t compete in sports with men, how can they be equal to the job of soldiering alongside the men? I have never seen the sense of sending women into combat, nor do I agree with the co-ed military. This is all a sham and a pretense. Sports is one thing; but combat is a serious issue; we don’t send women into combat, pretending that they are just as capable as the men there, just to humor them or make some kind of silly political ‘point’. People’s lives should not be gambled with in that way.

And it’s all because people have made ‘equality’ the be-all and the end-all — when equality is an impossibility, unachievable, but yet we have to continue this pretense.

For now, I’m back

Sorry to have been inactive for a while. Such is life with chronic illness, as some of you may know from experience.

The fate of my blogs is very much uncertain, but since these two blogs have been sort of dead, just barely hanging on, I guess this doesn’t surprise anyone. Then there’s always the looming possibility of falling afoul of the dictates of political correctness, and it’s getting harder to be truthful without getting oneself de-platformed.

To any readers who are still visiting this blog, thank you for your continued interest. I do appreciate you.