For now, I’m back

Sorry to have been inactive for a while. Such is life with chronic illness, as some of you may know from experience.

The fate of my blogs is very much uncertain, but since these two blogs have been sort of dead, just barely hanging on, I guess this doesn’t surprise anyone. Then there’s always the looming possibility of falling afoul of the dictates of political correctness, and it’s getting harder to be truthful without getting oneself de-platformed.

To any readers who are still visiting this blog, thank you for your continued interest. I do appreciate you.

3 thoughts on “For now, I’m back

  1. Glad you’re still around. Haven’t been commenting of late myself. I lost my job recently, have a second son on the way. As you can imagine, I’ve been preoccupied. Keep up the fight!


  2. Hello Bonnyblue

    Glad to have you

    I have been trying to send messages and articles to amren but for some reason it won’t work.

    Could you or someone else see if you can?

    I would like to send them some of my vital thoughts..

    Best wishes


  3. Crawl back into your hole. Your nonsensical ramblings are a testament to how stupid you are. The world is a worse place because of the shit you post. Get fucked.


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