It appears from my blog stats that I consistently get visitors from various non-Anglosphere countries. That’s not so unusual in general as the Internet does not have ‘borders’ as such, except where certain countries don’t allow it. I simply wondered if I really have visitors from these exotic countries or if VPNs are the reason for these countries showing up among the traffic.

On my old blog I was familiar with a lot of my regular readers but not so now, except for a few from the old days who comment now and then. Well, whoever my readers may be I am glad I have somebody visiting.

Some interesting news items

One of the more heartening news stories has it that Tim Berners-Lee, the real inventor of the ‘world wide web’ is building a new platform, which he indicates will be much better than our present situation, where ‘Big Tech’ and social media have captured it — and us, leading to the current censorship and de-platforming. Having a better internet would improve our lives greatly — if the Big Media tyrants don’t find a way to thwart it.

Twitter says it has suspended more than 70,000 accounts containing ‘dangerous’ Q-related material. Disturbing, because though the Q movement has gained a bad reputation (thanks to the mainstream media and their demonizing any remotely right-wing group) Q followers are not dangerous, and I find it odd that so many Americans were quick to jump on the anti-Q bandwagon, calling Q followers ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’. What drives this kind of hostility? The need to have someone on whom to look down and feel superior? In any case they are entitled to the same freedoms — which none of us seem to have as of now, sadly. But this criminalizing tendency toward people who have done nothing wrong — except to see things differently — is not good. And if Twitter found 70,000+ ‘wrongthinkers’ following Q , there must be more of them than we think. Isolating and ‘othering’ them is something the left has chosen as a way of getting conformity and obedience to their way.

The Occidental Observer has a not-very-long but thought-provoking piece about the rally at the Capitol on January 6. I could not be there but I did watch it on streaming media. As you are probably all aware, there was no riot. Again, there was no riot. But no matter how many of us might say that, the media will continue to say that there was, and that it was incited by Trump and by people on the right. They will continue to speak as if their concocted alternate reality is the Real Truth; they will continue with their gaslighting campaign. In any case, the writer, Thomas Dalton, takes a very gloomy view of the whole thing; I recommend reading it if you haven’t already. I will only say that Mr. Dalton feels that the only remedy or perhaps the best remedy is secession, just breaking away.

“There simply is no other feasible option. To continue to live in the current political environment, with its now-likely permanent radical leftist and anti-White orientation, is to surrender one’s future, and that of your children and grandchildren. It need not be so.”

Thomas Dalton, Ph.D, The Occidental Observer

I can’t say I disagree; when I first began blogging some fourteen or so years ago, I did my best to lay out a case for secession. I foresaw little chance of a solution in any other conceivable manner. However I got a lot of negative feedback. The late Lawrence Auster and I ‘debated’ it before a very small audience on my blog. (That was before the little contretemps between us.) Only Southrons, and those of the non-reconstructed type, agreed with me. There was then a (re)nascent Texas Nationalist movement which I hope still exists.

Secession is not illegal, by the way, though many will insist it is.

When secession was discussed anywhere online then, the usual ‘argument’ against it was “they won’t let us.” Well, King George was not very willing to ”let us” secede either, but we did, for better or for worse. We cannot wait for permission to take our destiny into our own hands, instead of passively resigning ourselves.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Declaration of Independence

Though I think most Americans — who were (and are being) taught that secession = Treason! — will resist the idea fiercely, at least as things are now, maybe events will cause them to see things in a different light.

The discussion continues

The recent events in D.C. are still provoking discussion; there are so many different opinions about what happened. It’s necessary to read or hear what people think, and what it may portend, but after reading and hearing so many varied and sometimes opposing viewpoints, it’s hard to sort out what I think.

When I learn what people in other countries think about us, and about what is going on in “our ” country I get the impression that there are a lot of misconceptions, but that’s to be expected, given that there are different cultures and mindsets involved. And then there’s the factor of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ and their peculiar, warped view of the world — which bears little to no relationship to reality.

Will things ever be the same? It seems the answer is in the negative. Granted, for the last year or so, life has been changed greatly, so for some time we have been in uncharted terrain.

I found this piece to be a thought-provoking take:

“We have finally reached the End of the Republic. The results of future elections will lie within parameters established by the Powers That Be. There will be no more successful “dark horse” candidates; the system has been rigged to prevent them.

On a related note, Sundance at Conservative Tree House has joined the dreamers at Power Line, although his desperate optimism takes a somewhat different tack: he proposes the founding of a new political party led by Donald Trump, which would siphon off most Republican voters, as well as a big chunk of Democrats and independents.

It’s a nice idea, and it might have worked before the widespread adoption of Dominion voting machines. But after 2020, how does such a party go about actually winning an election? The machinery to prevent that possibility is already in place. Nobody can get elected without the approval of the Deep State. Which means it will be the UniParty — Democrats plus safe (neutered) Republicans — from here on out.”

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 8 Jan 2021

And further, the issue of how to have an effective protest by genteel rules:

“There has been a cavalcade of “conservatives” eager to denounce Donald Trump and the angry crowd at the Capitol. Their general theme is that “violence solves nothing.” How easily they have forgotten the means by which the Patriots of 1776 threw off the yoke of King George III and established a constitutional republic! If these modern-day talking heads had their way, we’d still be sending politely-worded lists of grievances to the queen and her ministers.”

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 8 Jan 2021

[Read the rest at the link.]

There has been a lot of dismay over the mass purges on the big social media. It’s as though a lot of people can’t imagine life without their social media, despite the fact that the social media consistently mistreat anyone who doesn’t go along with the accepted belief system. And what did people do before social media became such a part of life? There are other ways to communicate. But as things are going we may not have our First Amendment rights anyway; that will be reserved for those who have the correct views.

But at this point we can only guess about the future.

About that rush to condemn ‘violence’

We’ve seen that the media and many politicians have been very quick to condemn the Right, particularly Trump supporters. Clergymen too in some cases have jumped on this bandwagon; it consists mostly of the ‘Respectable Right’ in my observation. But the important question is: does this rejection of violence in general, this almost-pacifistic sentiment true to Christianity? I’ve said what I believe and know to be true, but I highly recommend this piece from the Iron Ink blog.

Too quick to place blame

Who is to blame in the controversial situation at the Capitol? I don’t know what impression others have of the events there in this past week but there seem to be many people who are blaming Donald Trump and the ‘rioters’.

The condemnations often center around this issue of ”violence” perpetrated by the pro-Trump activists who are now officially labeled as ‘domestic terrorists’ by the Powers That Be. And the compliant and clueless Republicans, obediently taking their cues from the media, merely parrot what the media say, which means that they implicitly accept that the Trump followers committed violence, and rioted.

Are the media ‘professionals’ unfamiliar with the English language? Do they know what ‘riot’ means, or what a rioter is? Maybe they should search for some information on the events of last summer in Portland, Seattle, or even Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Those cities experienced riots, real ones This is not what happened in D.C.this past week. The media called those Antifa riots ”mostly peaceful protests’, refusing to acknowledge reality, just as they continue to do in the face of a lot of property destruction and chaos, not to mention the harm done to human beings, both physical and emotional.

We know the media will always insist that reality is 180 degrees off, the opposite of where the real truth is. Most of us know this, but for whatever reason, such as plain old wishful thinking or self-delusion, some of us insist on closing our eyes and minds to the truth. The first truth is: ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’ and the second is that everything we’re told by ‘officials’ and media is wrong and false.

The ‘riots’ they are still condemning fell far short of what a real riot is. And the people who came to D.C. to protest are not extremists, not dangerous. Why, then, are so many ‘right-wing’ Americans ready to condemn them?

It seems they are kin to the people we used to call the ‘Respectables’, who are afraid of looking bad to someone. They are usually the preening Republicans who imagine that they set the standard of propriety. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to present a good image to others but there is such a thing as being too image-conscious and wanting the good opinion of others above everything else. Politicians and their image-obsession are an example of this, but ordinary people seek approval. So they are quick to condemn the protesters and to disavow “violence”.

But if someone is attacked physically, and the person or persons who are being attacked refrain from defending themselves (because ”violence never solves anything”) they may find that their high-flown ‘principles’ cause them to be hurt by an aggressive person who has no such principles. And what if members of one’s family are attacked?

The left used to make a pretense of opposing violence. For example they always condemned gun owners and disparaged the Second Amendment, as well as inveighing against war. However now that they finally gained power and control, suddenly their pacifist principles are gone with the wind. So they are OK with violence, while suddenly Republicans don’t want any part of fighting, even simply fighting for truth, for what is right.

Some of those who profess Christianity forget the words in Ecclesiastes: “a time for war, a time for peace…a time for love, a time for hate…” Yes, your Bible says that, as does mine. And what about David in Ps 144:1?

Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

Romans 12:18 (KJV) If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Please note the qualifying phrase “If it be possible.” IF. Sometimes it is not possible. What then?

The Bible does not teach pacifism.
Neither does it teach violence outside of self-defense.

It looks as though the people who worry about their public image, and who disavow any ‘aggressive’ behavior, want mostly to show off their liberal, nice ideals. It is for show, just as with the Pharisee showing off his piety.

We don’t know what will happen next; it’s not going to be easy making our way through this unknown situation. But it certainly won’t help us to follow the example of the media shills and manipulators. And this is not a time to be at odds with our own kin. The quickness to condemn our own is not a good thing for us.

Yesterday’s events

I think all of us with a functioning brain and eyes to see knew it was going to happen. Especially after years of nonstop gaslighting and goading. And I think everyone knew that as the left does these things, they project their own impulses onto us, and immediately point a finger of accusation or outright blame on us for anything bad that happens.

And that’s exactly what they did, and are doing. I expect this will go on and in fact intensify.

I don’t know what President Trump is doing, but as he promised he would never give up or quit, (which most of his followers believed fervently) I think it’s been a huge letdown for many people. I was very cautious in taking his words as gospel simply because he made lots of promises on which he did not deliver. Despite that, I would far rather he won, than to see what many people are calling ‘the death of our Republic‘ or ‘the end of America.’ I don’t think that phrase is hyperbole. America cannot be herself in our present situation; it’s only a hollow imitation, or, an ‘evil twin’ if you will.

Change the people, change the country” was always my refrain during my early years of blogging. So the people of this country changed, or were changed; both kinds of changes happened. With the changing of the generational guard, we have a different population in the later generations, 30 percent of whom, according to polls, think Communism is a good thing, and that number has risen since the previous poll. So generational changes and immigration, among other things, have changed us. “We” are decidedly not the same people or the same kind of people as those who founded this country. So is there even a ”we” constituting America?

Do we have enough in common even to unite as a coherent nation?

I would like to think it possible if only for the purpose of preserving this country. Now does that make me a so-called “patriotard”? I dislike that word; I dislike how what should be a favorable name for one who loves his home country is now a sneer and a taunt directed at people who are attached to this country or who are actually proud (in the good way) of that.

Call me a ‘patriotard’ because I grew up here. My kin have more than four centuries of history and roots here. When I was younger I typically considered other countries superior to this one — until I spent some time abroad, in a country I thought I would prefer — but then I began to see how my country suited me in many ways; for good or bad, I was thoroughly American in my ways, and belonged here rather than any other country I had known.

I think that some of those who constantly disparage this country need to spend a good long time elsewhere and see if they feel happier elsewhere. I suspect many of the malcontents would still be unhappy and would find fault in the best of countries. There is no Utopia. Leftists notoriously imagine that they can forcibly perfect human nature via authoritarian rule, and thus make an ideal society if they keep people under their heel. But it has never worked, and never will. No perfect country can exist in this fallen world. Now, sadly, it seems that our once liveable and relatively happy country is to be a failed banana republic, and who knows how long ‘they’ will let us speak our minds or write the truth or live as free people. Those days may be gone.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? I don’t counsel despair, but neither am I a blithe pollyanna. Pessimism results in self-fulfilling prophecies.

One more thing: I am appalled by the establishment Republicans who have sold out just as the Left has done. They’ve shown that their loyalties are ultimately to no one but themselves. And their self-righteous tsk-tsking about the Capitol business is so hypocritical; what did they say when antifa and others were running rampant around this country? Did they speak up? Where were their moral qualms then?

And for all the public figures and pontificating politicians having the vapors about ‘violence’, again, where were they when the cities were aflame and people were under attack? Pharisees and hypocrites.

And is Gandhi now the father of our country? Apparently so, as lots of people are suddenly pacifists who ‘condemn violence’, saying that it ‘cannot solve anything‘ — what would our forefathers say about that? They would never have survived the first Indian raid had they been pacifists who disdained even self-defense. I wish these pious phonies would stop and think: would they even refuse to defend themselves and loved ones?

I am not prescribing violence. Not at all, But:

“Self-defence, therefore, as it is justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the law of society.”

Ordain and

Yet it seems all of us are being conditioned to give up our rights. It is not unlawful or immoral to defend oneself. Tucker Carlson et al seem to be preaching this Gandhi-like thought. One wonders how many more pundits and public figures are compromised in what they are ‘teaching’ us. Discernment is more necessary than ever.

Where do we go from here?

I really haven’t known what to say about the election; the best I can do is to say that I agree very much with the blogger Luboš Motl at the Reference Frame. His post expresses about the same level of disgust that I feel about what is going on.

Whenever I think the Left have outdone themselves in dishonesty and amorality, they have ‘achieved’ some new and unprecedented grade of evil. These are soulless people, who lack common decency, completely bereft of morals and conscience.

I suppose I never thought that the scoundrels could be so shameless as to pull another brazen act before the eyes of the whole world.

It may be that there is something which, if revealed, could open the eyes of the blind, brainwashed masses but I wonder if anybody still believes that there is something that could miraculously turn this thing around, but we’ve had our hopes raised too often, only to see them crushed once again. And I honestly don’t know why Trump has not acted so far, given that his people say they “have it all” — but for some bizarre reason, refrain from using what they ‘have’.

It’s troubling to ponder that there is so very much at stake here, while a lot of Americans seem apathetic about the dire prospects we may be facing; I still think the normalcy bias is keeping a lot of Americans passive: they think it won’t be so bad under the coming administration. It appears that foreign observers see more clearly that things will not be the same; America is no longer America.

If only more people on the right would get serious about this and not brush it off as just another election, another administration.

The GOPe have not only failed to act appropriately but they’ve actively opposed and sabotaged Trump at every turn, each and every day for years. They are just ruthlessly evil, and the Republicans are as bad as the far-left. I will never vote Republican again, and I don’t say that lightly. It seems politics in this country has been thoroughly corrupt, from the inside out, and it cannot be restored, not with this present cast of characters.

And one more thing: since when do we not adhere to any standards for those who run for high office in this country? We used to have requirements and standards; do we now let people implicated in spying, influence-peddling, personal immorality, occupy the highest office in the land? If someone had told me even ten years ago that we would lower our standards so drastically, and that our country would go communist so abruptly I would not have believed it.

Privacy, possessions, who needs ’em?

I’ve noticed that there is very little discussion in the media of the plan which is being called the Reset. There has been publicity about it from the planners, the World Economic Forum.

If you read what they have to say about the plan for the future, there are references to a better way of life, a better form of capitalism, and so on; it’s presented as a whole new way of living, a better way.. I am broadly paraphrasing; I suggest seeking out the literature about this plan; it’s always best to go to the source.

One of the claims they make is that in the (near) future, by 2030 or so, we will all ‘have nothing and be happy‘. It sounds, based on several pieces I’ve read about this, as if private property will no longer exist, nor will privacy be considered necessary. Nor will it be possible to have privacy in a ‘Panopticon’ surveillance type of society. Other information I’ve seen says that we will all share things communally, including living space (which should be very scarce, by the sound of things) and clothing. Apparently we will have to inhabit our living spaces in shifts, and it sounds very much like an impersonal arrangement, probably decided by some committee or bureaucrat, with no recognition of family units. I suppose there is bound to be some kind of ”diversity” requirement so that we will all be thrown into the blender. As some information suggests that we might all be urban dwellers, rural homes being abandoned (how dare anyone take up so much space!).

Probably lifelong urbanites might find this lifestyle just fine. Too bad for the rest of us.

Shades of the old USSR wherein lots of people lived shoehorned into small apartments — but at least there were family units there, crowded or not.

This plan is being written about by the planners as a settled matter; this is to be the future if they get to decide.

I saw that Time Magazine, if I remember correctly wrote about this ‘reset’ favorably, with detailed ”debunking” of the ‘conspiracy theories’ as they call them. In that article some of the features I allude to here were ‘debunked’. I noticed the writers used the term ”baseless” a lot; that’s their new favorite word, it seems. People (probably people like me) are said to be spreading ”baseless’ rumors and falsehoods and probably “conspiracy theories” about this globalist effort. Bad!

We’ve seen how anything that does not fit the rote narrative is hissed at as a ”conspiracy theory.” I suppose if name-calling and accusing and silencing works for them, they stick to it and use it more and more, as they are doing.

This stuff has been tried before: at Babel, for a start, and that didn’t work out too well. More recently it was tried in the now-defunct Soviet Union. I met many people here who had fled that Utopia.

Plans made without regard to the human beings involved, and imposed from on high are not known for succeeding.

But it will work this time — right? As long as we silently acquiesce, this may become reality.


“Communism is the final synthesis of all heretical tendencies that have pervaded Western civilization for many centuries. Communism is the culminating hubris of Promethean man who reaches out for the world and means to remake creation. It is scientism gone political.”

William Schlamm

“Political equality is against nature. Social equality is against nature. Economic equality is against nature. The idea of equality is subversive of order.” – Edmund Burke

”There is nothing more unequal, than the equal treatment of unequal people.”

Thomas Jefferson

You are what you eat

The old saying “you are what you eat” is a phrase that is generally used to remind people to ”eat healthy”. In these days it conjures up different connotations, in a world which in which whole populations are in movement from one continent to another. There is a general blurring of lines between populations in countries which are now welcoming people from every continent.

Some years ago on my blog we discussed how changes in eating habits in ‘host countries’ might be changing people’s health. If we are literally “what we eat”, as the old cliche has it, how does going from a meat-and-potatoes-and vegetables diet to heavily-spiced Mexican dishes affect us? It does seem as if dietary habits have changed in the sense that Americans and other ‘WASP’ types have developed a real craving for Latino foods and other spicy cuisine, such as Indian (dot, not feather) and other spicy Asian foods: Sriracha sauce, curry, and Szechwan style Chinese food. And where did ”ghost peppers” (bhut jolokia) originate? In India, apparently.

I’ve heard that the taste for extremely spicy foods, which cause endorphins to be produced in response to the fiery-hot foods or condiments, is a cultivated one.

A few of us, very few it seems, are holdouts who still prefer more bland and mild foods. We in my family always had roast beef on Sundays and who does that now? Most Americans like adventure in their foods — I like to play it safe; that makes me an oddity I suppose.

The “experts” on diet, at least according to mass media sources, say spicy food is good for you; healthy and conducive to avoiding obesity. But according to the medical magazine The Lancet, we read that the obesity rate in Latin America is 57 percent. So that contradicts the popular wisdom.

“In 2014, more than 300 million adults in Latin America, were overweight. Of these more than 100 million were obese.

Guillermo Garcia, M.D., The Lancet

I don’t know if eating lots of heavily-spiced food is going to cure that, if it hasn’t happened by now.

American society has never been so health-and-diet obsessed as it is now, so it’s strange that people are eager to eat a lot of high-fat and high-carb food — but it seems Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines with other more exotic foods vying as the new American preference. So now multiculturalism is expressed in the food we eat. I won’t be the least surprised if the media/government starts calling it ‘racism’ if people prefer plain old American cooking, the kind our grandmothers made.

In one of the recent articles at the Council of European Canadians, someone points out that whereas roast beef and potatoes was once the national Sunday dish of Britain — but it’s been replaced by Tikka Masala.

I have often heard that a few centuries ago, the French called Englishmen ‘rosbifs‘ because of their fondness for roast beef.

The linked article says, though, that roast beef is still as popular as ever as the main dish at Sunday dinner.

“The British love of beef, particularly for lunch on a Sunday, is a part of the national identity. Roast beef is eaten so often that even the French started calling Englishmen “rosbifs” in the 18th century. The Sunday roast is as much a tradition today as it was a few hundred years ago. It has even spread from the family dinner table to pubs and other days of the week.”

Elaine Lemm, The Spruce Eats, 6 Dec 2019

Well, that’s heartening to hear.
Can it be that the foods we habitually eat, and prefer, reflect a possible greater compatibility of certain foods with the constitution or metabolism of a particular people?

The hot, spicy foods are suited to hot, tropical climates because they induce perspiration, which is cooling. I am not a doctor or a dietician but I’ve heard this said many times, as I grew up partially in a hot climate, without benefit of air-conditioning. Highly spiced foods serve a purpose in that kind of climate, though now air-conditioning is universal for the most part.

But must a change in populations lead to a change in our eating habits, just because shrewd marketers choose to promote these exotic foods? I am glad there are some people who stick to tradition and don’t follow along blindly with what is popular or a novelty. But it seems as if many of our long-time favorite dishes are disappearing from supermarkets as room is made for the exotic foods which are taking up more shelf space.

The “Great Replacement” also seems to require that we adopt new eating habits; it’s our foods as well as ourselves who are slated for replacement.