Facts about our country

From Isegoria, a very good post which points out some often-overlooked facts about our country. It’s very easy to get caught up in a web of pessimism about our future (and the situation does look very bleak) but we might be prone to forget some of our strengths. A quote from Jared Diamond is the… Continue reading Facts about our country

Another one missing

To my dismay, one more of our number seems to be missing.  CWNY’s blog seems to have disappeared, or perhaps he was ‘disappeared’, after what, 12 or 13 years of blogging? I always admired his dedication, the way he kept soldiering on when many others might become demoralized and stop blogging — as I did… Continue reading Another one missing

Where is the ‘right’ going?

Lately it seems to me as if the right, or what passes as the ‘right’ is rather undefined at the moment. The whole political scene seems to be in disarray, on both sides. The left is off the rails, but for that matter, it’s always been so, but lately the left seems to have strayed… Continue reading Where is the ‘right’ going?

Wouldn’t it be great…

Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change to be able to read a blog discussion that was free of gratuitous ‘boomer-bashing’? Does every ‘right-wing’ blog have to include ‘die, boomer’ rhetoric? It seems that virtually any subject under discussion leads to vitriolic comments at the expense of boomers. And there is almost no pushback, even from… Continue reading Wouldn’t it be great…

Begging and choosing

True to form, the ‘migrants’ from Central America who are massing at our Southern “borders” are making the usual demands. These people are at worst, invaders and thus by definition criminals, or at best, they are beggars and chancers, with an arrogance that doesn’t befit their status. When you are trying to force your way… Continue reading Begging and choosing

Who are the ‘real’ deplorables?

In a recent blog post, I used a variation on the “14 words”, paraphrasing that formula with something to the effect of ‘if we can secure the existence of our people and a future for our children.” I suppose that would make me a White Nationalist, according to the consensus? Donald Trump supposedly came close… Continue reading Who are the ‘real’ deplorables?

Celebrating our independence

I trust you all enjoyed a pleasant Independence Day, though with each year the question “just what we are celebrating?” insistently recurs in my mind. For a lot of Americans it seems as though we are celebrating just out of habit, or just for the sake of celebrating — with the customary fireworks, barbecues, parades… Continue reading Celebrating our independence

Poland rejects mass immigration?

The Daily Caller reports on Trump’s planned visit to Poland, where he will praise the Polish government’s decision to reject ‘refugees and mass immigration.’ National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said of the President’s upcoming speech: “McMaster said that Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he will “praise Polish courage” and its “emergence as… Continue reading Poland rejects mass immigration?

Whose posterity?

At Vox Day’s blog, there’s a long discussion on the subject of just what the phrase “our posterity” means when used by the Founding Fathers (“ourselves and our posterity“, as you see above on my blog header.) To me, the phrase’s meaning is self-evident, but apparently not to a lot of people. Maybe it depends,… Continue reading Whose posterity?

Who ‘runs’ America?

Who is in charge in our country? This is an important question for those who (like many of us) are appalled and horrified by the direction of our country. Who is to blame? To whom can we assign responsibility for the decisions that are being made, ostensibly in ‘our’ name? Most of us who grew… Continue reading Who ‘runs’ America?