Discrepancy in media vote counts

The controlled media seem to be pulling numbers out of the air when they report Biden’s latest supposed vote count. Where are they getting their numbers? And ‘stolen’ votes don’t count, guys.

I am satisfied that Trump is far ahead, despite some ‘news’ sources trying to elect a president by decreeing their candidate has more votes.

When we see what the actual figures are it seems the good news is that there are a great many people who are not OK with radical left zealots and that the vast majority of the people of this country are not as left-wing as the media lead us to believe. Maybe there is still a somewhat traditional core to this country. I would like to think so, rather than thinking that the maniacal people who have perpetrated all the mayhem are not anywhere near a majority.

More ‘monoliths’

From Russia Today — which source I don’t really like — a story about another “monolith’ found in California. Acccording to the rather silly account of the incident, the monolith (in reality a metal structure, not stone) was, per the article, destroyed by a group of young men, said to be ‘groypers’, who chanted ”America First!” while removing the monolith.

”Its stay atop Pine Mountain was apparently short-lived. On Wednesday night, a group of young men rocked the monolith back and forth to dislodge it, chanting “Christ is king” before it came toppling down, and “America First” after it crashed to the ground. The group live-streamed their ‘raid’ on streaming platform DLive.”

Russia Today, 3 Dec 2020

This RT article seemed to attract some blatant anti-Christian comments. When comments everywhere online seem to be international, it’s hard to distinguish the nationalities of commenters, but is Russia still atheistic and anti-Christian at heart? I have my own experience to go by and I am not convinced that Russia is Christianized as the Russophiles or the media say. But then our country has lost much of our religion in recent decades.

As for the ‘groypers’, I suppose the term is not well-known enough to attract very much negative reaction from the RT readers. But since these young men were said to have shouted ‘America First!’ and ‘Christ is King!’ that’s enough to flush out whoever opposes Christianity.

And the ‘monoliths’? I somehow doubt they have an extraterrestrial origin like the monoliths in ‘2001’ However, assuming they are being made and put in place in various places, namely Utah, Romania, and California (so far) there must be some kind of coordination or group doing it — for what reason? Anybody’s guess.

“Coup d’État in America: A Limey Viewpoint”

The above titled piece from British writer Paul Weston is his take on what is happening in the United States with our apparently stalled electoral crisis.

This piece is well worth the time it takes to read it, addressing not only the impasse which we appear to have reached in this political disaster, but the character of the 21st century leftists who have fomented this situation and who have kept stoking the flames. He observes, correctly, that this is something never before seen:

“I am sitting here in shocked astonishment looking at what appears to be an engineered tyrannical coup d’état against not just President Trump but against the very ideal of democracy itself.”

– Paul Weston

Weston says that this situation could lead to a breakdown of ‘democracy’ itself, with a civil war being a real possibility. He implies that the leftists who are committing the acts of sporadic violence in various parts of our country have no concept of what they might be doing, never having lived in the less free parts of the world, and never having experienced warfare themselves.

“The foolish, spoiled, decadent, ignorant little children in adult bodies who are now, right now engineering the coup d’état to remove President Trump are playing with fire. In their hazy, fuddled, naïve, closed minded thinking they feel there will be no real world consequences resulting from their action, but their naïveté is dangerously unlike the pragmatism of revolutionaries in the brutal and undemocratic parts of the world who know full well that if they fail in their coup they will be killed and if they win they will do the killing.”

I think he is right about the character and motives of the instigators. I don’t think there is much likelihood of deprogramming the ‘foot soldiers’ — or even of the older people who are supporters of this madness. Sometimes I’ve wondered why anyone chooses a destructive path in life, and why we have these deep divisions within our own folk, but I think most of it is the disastrous legacy of Cultural Marxism and all the SJW fanaticism.

Rather than quote more from Weston’s piece, I’ll just recommend reading it.

If their rights are in danger…

I’ve made no secret of my opinion of the controlled media and their habit of using their considerable power to aim hit pieces at those they’ve targeted as enemies, meaning anyone who does not follow, sheep-like, the ‘controlled and controlling media’. So it is very gratifying to see that Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab.com, has written a response to the people at Business Insider, who asked for a statement from him regarding the ‘Q’ movement.

In my opinion the media have done considerable (and undeserved) harm to that group of people by printing some pretty brazen pieces, which must rightfully be called hit pieces. The ‘news reporter’ who wrote to Andrew Torba for a statement about Q made no effort to conceal her disdain and dislike of the Q folk, although I suspect she has never met any of them nor read what they have to say. For instance, in her note to Mr. Torba she refers to Q’s ‘conspiracy theories‘ and ‘fictitious stories.’ Just another way of calling them liars — very much similar to the media’s treatment of President Trump. For instance, their repeated phrases like: ‘baseless claims.’

Some of this open animus is the result of the left’s loathing for ‘right-wing’ people, and the Q folk are mostly right-leaning. And many of them are openly Christian, to which the left reacts as Dracula reacts to a cross.

When these negative articles about Q appear, few non-Q people want to defend them, though they are more on ‘our’ side than not. Still, the people who’ve read the bad press that Q receives want to distance themselves; funny how even people who see the naked bias of the media will believe the same media when they need to for some reason. People have absorbed much of the odd notion that ‘conspiracy theories’ are insane or stupid, per se. Conspiracies exist. They never went out of fashion. They happen. They have affected history. The scoffers never explain why they dismiss conspiracies out-of-hand, and yet the media have all but banned any talk of such things because it’s “crazy”. Still the media-masters spin their own conspiracy theories, though they want to silence the average citizen’s mention of a conspiracy, even a historically-proven one.

So Q are maligned for being ‘conspiracy theorists’. Funny; I remember Hillary Clinton asserting there was a ”vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband. That’s just one example. One might also say that the gaslighting media are looking to deprive the Q followers of their platforms, as recently they’ve been driven from pillar to post, being de-platformed from various channels on streaming media. Coincidence, I guess. I think that if we value the right to free speech they should not be repeatedly de-platformed. If we don’t care about the media’s hatchet job on Q people, thinking they are not ‘us’, then we endanger our own liberties.

Andrew Torba, in replying to this reporterette, writes a response, a rather detailed one in which he makes this statement:

“Ultimately what the anti-Christian legacy press and the wicked oligarchs in power fear the most is Christians coordinating and unifying on the internet. When this happens they know that their evil will be exposed and their names will be named outside of the oligarch-controlled media and technology echo chambers.”

Andrew Torba, CEO, Gab.com, 30 Nov 2020

It goes without saying that the Usual Suspects on the left are angry with Andrew Torba, and writing their predictable drivel. However I think he deserves considerable credit for the way in which he handled this. All respect to him.

Social media overstepping bounds

It’s disgraceful, in my opinion, that the social media brazenly impugn the President’s character in this way — implying that the President is lying or imagining things because he points out the obvious electoral fraud. It’s now OK to call the President a ‘liar’ by saying his claims are ”disputed.” And I’ve noticed that on the ‘tickers’ or banner headlines they run on various channels at the bottom of the the screen that each and every day there are quotes supposedly from politicians or ‘celebrities’ saying outrageous things about the President — accusing him not only of lying or ‘misinforming’, but they’ve also called him a ‘murderer’ and various other shocking things. Those celebrities are an example of someone truly making ”baseless” claims.

The social media are beyond disgusting; I don’t know why anybody has any truck with them. They do serve the function of being a barometer showing how far our society has deteriorated. More and more, ours looks like a society that has little civility and respect for anyone, not even for the highest office (and its occupant) in our land.

The media — the ‘social’ media as well as the people called ‘journalists’ are the worst offenders, especially when some of the scribblers actually browbeat the President in public, berating him and talking to him as one would to a lowly servant or something — under the guise of ”interviewing’ him. Meekness is a virtue and maybe the President is trying to show that he isn’t the monster the crazy left has tried to make him out to be. And maybe the President is trying to be an exemplar of patience, contrasted to the uncivil journalists and various other riff-raff with whom he has to deal.

I really had hoped that the ‘social media.’, with their overreach and heavy-handed censorship, would be reined in, but for the moment this electoral fraud (which, by the way, contra Twitter, is not disputed — at least by sane, realistic people) is taking up so much time and energy to unravel. And by the way, how much has this whole investigation cost the taxpayers? Far too much, and will any of the guilty parties foot the bill? Will any of the miscreants who worked so hard to steal an election be accountable?

If this situation is not making people’s blood boil, ponder the fact that apparently so many people were involved and complicit in this election-fixing; people who seemed trustworthy. When trust disappears from a society that’s a real problem.

The media have been furiously stirring up a frenzy of loathing directed at Trump and those close to him. In my lifetime I’ve never seen the like, and it’s coming from an out-of-control Democrat party as well as from the malevolent media hacks who obviously are reading from a script — for example their compulsive repetition of the word ”baseless” whenever they describe the President’s assertions about the obvious fraud. If they are not busy calling the President a liar with words like that, they simply cover up anything that does not fit with their insane ‘narrative’, such as the infamous laptop which suddenly seems not to exist.

“He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.” – Thomas Aquinas

“The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.” – Bede Jarrett

An interesting if troubling report…

— about what happened in the server raid in Frankfurt; make of it what you will; I am not pretending to be knowledgeable about these things. But the story as reported here is a little worrying; is our ‘side’ fighting against itself, as rogue elements are at work? Or are these different factions really on the same side?

Just passing the story on because it could potentially be significant. Of course I am sure Snopes is already busy proclaiming it’s a hoax or a ‘conspiracy theory’; but we do have a right to hear more about what is going on.

Is Macron sincere?

In a recent post I alluded to the European identitarian movement, specifically its French incarnation. I admit my reference to that movement was skeptical if not exactly hostile.

However, after reading about Emmanuel Macron‘s recent statements, and his party La République En Marche, I see a possibility that I underestimated Macron and his compatriots of that party. Is Macron merely posturing, trying to take advantage of recent events in France, such as the murder of Samuel Paty — who, according to the linked article, was killed by a man who is described as a ‘Salafist fanatic.’

Among other things, Macron and his party have recently tried to pass legislation that is considered ‘populist’ and decidedly not liberal; Macron has also come out against ‘Critical Race Theory’ (also recently denounced by President Trump), which is taught in the French schools as part of the ‘social sciences’. Macron and his education minister, as well as a number of other academics have said that Critical Race Theory is anti-White, and this of course has caused a stir in the usual circles.

It’s possible that this is all just politics, but it could be that Macron has had some kind of epiphany. It is hard to believe that any thinking person could fail to see that yes, Critical Race Theory, whatever the name given to it, and regardless of how it is presented, is a belief system which is intrinsically anti-White, blaming European-descended people, with them as the designated scapegoats for the problems of other peoples. Has Macron violated a taboo by merely mentioning it, and the obviously invidious nature of CRT? The truth is the truth, and there is a very heavy-handed effort which has all but made it a crime to speak certain truths.

Here’s hoping that this will be a step toward making the truth more ‘respectable’. And here’s hoping that this is not just a political ploy on the part of Macron et al.

Defending our heritage

There is a crying need for a blog which is pro-South, written by and for non-scholarly Southern readers. When I specify ”non-scholarly”, I am not disparaging the intelligence of Southern readers, nor am I denying the value of the academic, history-oriented blogs dealing with the South. I link to a couple of such blogs in my sidebar.

However there’s a need for a blog where history and current events can be discussed, and there needs to be an effort to maintain a high standard of civility in discourse without being academic.

The Southern-oriented blogs I do know of, which still exist, are plagued by antagonistic people from the North who really hate the South and want to harp on what they see as the blame incurred by Southrons for ”starting” the War Between the States. The level of discourse is very low, with much profanity and uncivil comments. There is constant anti-Anglo, WASP-baiting-and-blaming going on. For a time, on one such blog, most of the commenters seemed to be not only non-Southrons but non-Americans. Who is meant to be served by a blog like that, which is not South-friendly and where the South-haters, and Anglophobes dominate? I mean, after all, the South is mostly Anglo — or was.

Another South-oriented blog I know of seemed to hold some promise of being a viable pro-South blog where things could be discussed in a civilized way, on topic, and minus the trollish non-Southrons and Anglophobes. But that ‘promising’ new blog turned out to attract the ‘identitarianism’ of the jaded French academic set? If I tried to find a people who had the least in common with Southrons, it would likely be the French. Nothing against the French but they have little in common with us in terms of their worldview. (Cajuns excepted. They are good, unpretentious people, American and Southron while being French by ancestry — but usually never the twain shall meet.)

Generally when I have written pieces on Southern history, they attract no comment. Whether that indicates a general lack of interest or whether my writings just don’t resonate with my audience — (most of whom are unidentified to me) — is a question mark. In any case, bloggers are being given less latitude to write on these sensitive subjects like the North-South divide, Southern history, etc., so I might not be blogging much longer. So all this may be moot.

But as we have to ”work while it is day” I feel an urge to try to write while I still can. Even if few people are interested, if just one person finds anything I write to be of benefit then I will write, until we politically incorrect people are shut down, even as the media echo chamber continues, being like Pravda and Izvestia, the only game in town.

Somehow I find it unbearable when the only ‘facts’ being taught come from the averse-to-truth media or the uninformed random commenters, spouting half-truths and slanders on the internet. It’s painfully evident that quite a few people who dominate the relevant comment sections are clueless or that they are shills, operatives and the like, sent to misinform or dis-inform. Some simply have a personal axe to grind. This is true everywhere, but when it comes to the South there is a burning anger which I never saw until the last couple of decades. This, in part, is because there are generations who never heard any truth, only anti-South propaganda on the part of far-left ”teachers” who themselves are ignorant, and filled with Politically Correct indignation and self-righteousness. So the younger generations are imbued with PC and Cultural Marxism, and lack knowledge on the South as well as on HBD. That’s the perfect recipe for producing anti-Southron prigs and do-gooders.

And whatever happened to the ‘Southern Gentleman’? I know of one older Southern gentleman who blogged, but I don’t know if he is still participating. Maybe that generation, his generation, was the last of the Gentlemanly south. But there was, for much of the last century, a sort of truce regarding the North-South history. But that suddenly stopped. Why?

And why, I wondered, do so many people who hate the South frequent that one blog, creating a toxic and depressing atmosphere? They also repeat frequently the canards and slanders against the South. Example: there are more mixed people in the South because the Southern ”slave-masters” — let me be delicate in saying it — “had their way” with all the slave women. And nobody ever counters this slander.

In point of fact, there were/are more mixed people outside the South. There are census records showing this, and the numbers are not even close.

Then the South-haters use what they think is a devastating witticism about slavery saying ”your ancestors shoulda picked their own d__n cotton!” I’ve addressed that.

News Flash: Northerners bought and sold slaves. My New England ancestors owned slaves. The Salem Witch trials also had, at the center of the story, an African slave named Tituba. So Northerners also owned slaves, but they sold theirs when the War approached. It was not just Southrons who owned slaves.

But rarely does anyone mention that salient fact.

Why are Southrons so unwilling to fire back some answers when the South-haters start this nonsense? Why is there so little ethnocentrism and kinist instinct with Southrons today? Why can’t both Southron and Yankee agree that we are under siege from those outside the fold, and that there is no value in fighting amongst ourselves over the long-ago slavery issue — a ”sin” of which both sides partook? If it is a sin then both sides are guilty. No use pointing the finger of accusation only at the South.

And it isn’t just those semi-mythical ‘evil New England Yankees’.

Maybe I should start a blog about Southern issues, but it would be just one more unpopular blog, and de-platforming looms as a possibility for all of us who blog any truth. Even a link gets you banned on Twitter.

What a time to live in, when truth is near to being outlawed, but then the truth is unpopular with all sides in this 21st century…

What do they believe?

The most recent post by fellow blogger Cambria Will Not Yield is, like all his posts, very much worth reading. But this latest one was especially so, from my point of view. In that post, he writes of his experience attending a political rally for Trump recently. As he explains, he does not customarily attend events like that but one of his purposes was to learn about the Trump followers who attended the rally. He wanted to know, inter alia, whether the Trump faithful displayed any ‘counterrevolutionary spirit.’

I understand his wanting to know this about the Trump supporters. I had a similar wish to learn whether the ‘Q’ followers (who are the most devout of Trump supporters) had that kind of spirit, because the current ethical stance is to be politically correct. To fail to conform to the current orthodoxy on ethnicity and HBD is to be a heretic and a very bad person. What I learned about the maligned ‘Q’ followers is that they are mostly very nice people, who believe that ‘Dems are the Real Racists’, so they feel compelled to overcompensate when it comes to their antiracist bona fides. It sounds as though there are similar pressures at work amongst the average Trump supporters, especially as Trump, along with the ‘Q’ team, emphasize inclusion, equality/’colorblindness’, nonviolence, and ‘unity’ in the context of diversity — which is a little self-contradictory.

Despite these conflicting wishful-thinking ideas held by the Q folk, it seems they are well-meaning people, apparently like most Trump followers. It’s ironic that the lying media have done so much to create a bad stereotype of the Right as being ‘haters’ and ‘racists’, especially given that there has been little violence on the part of the Right, especially those who are Trump voters.

But to return to CWNY’s post and his need to learn about the motivations or character of the Trump loyalists:

“I wanted to see if there was any counterrevolutionary sentiment among the Trump supporters. There was none. Possibly in the MAGA rally in Washington DC I would have found someone who was willing to think counterrevolution instead of ‘wait till next time,’ but I doubt it. The white Trump supporters, like Trump himself, are supporters of a fusion of Christianity and liberalism. They have more of a Christian ethos than the mad-dog liberals, but they still believe in demon-cracy and reject the older Christian cultures of the European nations. Half-liberal and half-Christian will not prevail against the internal demonism of the liberals. Four more years of Trump will give us a President who opposes communism, who opposes the anti-white instruction in our military and civil service agencies, and who opposes the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. But you can’t have just a little bit of liberalism.”

I found the same kind of sentiment amongst the Q followers. Most of them are Christians who seem quite sincere and even devout. Many seem quite Biblically knowledgeable — but yet some of the ideas they absorb through the Q teachings come into conflict with Biblical principles: for example, the idea of near-pacifism (which is not Biblically-based), and the idea taught by the Q team that there must be ‘unity’ and ‘colorblindness’ with absolute equality; no leaders, nobody ‘above’ anyone else. In other words they’ve taken in a lot of the “liberal” worldview, and they seem to have accepted the idea that we should “trust human nature” which they’ve been told is ‘basically good.’ Genesis 3 contradicts the Q idea of a benign human nature. Life itself contradicts that trusting idea. Not to say, of course, that all people are equally bad, but trusting human nature is not a Biblical idea, and yet it’s what most people believe, thanks to liberalism. The average Q follower or Trump supporter or Republican likely believes the ‘human nature good’ trope.

But events in the world today should give people a clue that the ‘benign human nature’ theory conflicts with what we see going on today.

I think that too many Americans are like lambs to the slaughter today because they wish to see only good in most other people, but the world is not as it was when many of us grew up.

I am with CWNY; we need Pietas in this world but we should not be pollyannas who think everyone is our friend, nor should we imagine we can ‘unite’ with everyone, regardless of glaring differences.

It makes me sad to see that many of these very nice people choose niceness over self-protection, because of their underlying liberal beliefs. Most Americans, even those who consider themselves ‘right-wing’ and realistic, are aware of how very liberal many of their attitudes are. And much of this is due to the loss of Christian principles and ways of behaving, replaced by the ‘therapeutic’ dogma as taught by pop psychologists and faux-philosophers. ‘New Age’ thinking is widely taught by the varied TV personalities (Oprah et al) and New Age ‘sages’ popular with the young and the religious faddists. CWNY is right; once we abandoned the Faith of our Fathers we are in uncharted territory, where we don’t just believe in nothing, we believe in anything, as Chesterton said.

Incidentally I hope you will read CWNY’s piece in its entirety, if you haven’t yet.

An interesting blog piece

I just read a piece at The Orthosphere; it’s titled The Morlock Question. I must admit it gave me something to think about, and it’s rather a different take on H.G. Wells’ ‘Morlocks’. Having read it I suppose I am in the same category with those fictional characters, being one of the ‘dispossessed’ and deplorable. I recommend reading it.