Did we leap, or were we pushed?

I’ve just been watching a movie from 1968, called ‘The Bamboo Saucer.’ Without going into too much detail, the story involves competing teams of Americans and Soviets who find themselves with a common purpose, are forced to cooperate, despite their mutual suspicions. This was still the Cold War era, of course. There was an exchange… Continue reading Did we leap, or were we pushed?

‘Youth’ arrested in death of Bosnian refugee

Police have arrested a ‘youth’ in the hammer attack in St. Louis, in which a Bosnian refugee, Zemir Begic, was killed. The suspect is 17 years old, and faces charges of first-degree murder and one count of ‘armed criminal action’. The linked article quotes the murdered man’s wife, expressing her fears that she and other… Continue reading ‘Youth’ arrested in death of Bosnian refugee

Why we get nowhere

Chris Rock is one of those black ‘entertainers’ that many ‘conservative’ Whites like, even though his material is often anti-White. But he’s funny, you see, and he makes anti-black jokes too, so he’s one of the good ones.But he recently made a statement calling for Whites to ”own” the acts of our ancestors. The black… Continue reading Why we get nowhere

Conservatives still waiting

Uh-oh. The colorblind conservatives show signs of being let down by their latest black ‘conservative’ hope. Dr. Ben Carson, the latest darling of all ‘respectable Republicans’ is in danger of disillusioning his faithful Republican admirers. And they are not easily disillusioned when it comes to their black ‘conservatives.’ Carson, in an interview with liberal Republican… Continue reading Conservatives still waiting

Another ‘random attack’ by ‘youths’?

This time the victim was a Bosnian refugee in St. Louis, MO.And is the violence in any way connected to the riots in Ferguson? It looks like this was a multicultural mob, with two  of the suspects listed as a black and a Hispanic. The manner of this man’s death was gruesome, with hammers as… Continue reading Another ‘random attack’ by ‘youths’?

‘Rick Santorum vindicated’

Rick Santorum is vindicated, ust as we knew he would be. When I say ‘we’ I mean anyone with common sense, of course. It’s obvious that the whole “Hegelian dialectic” is at work here, with extreme ideas being introduced, and the public being purposely desensitized by the ensuing ”debate” over some radical new social innovation.… Continue reading ‘Rick Santorum vindicated’