New link added

I just discovered, through a link someone posted elsewhere, a blog called Circa 1865. I wasn’t aware of it; maybe some of you know it. There are a number of articles on history, especially about the South, and the War Between the States. It looks like there’s a lot to delve into there, and it is well-written. It was a serendipitous find. I hope those of you who are interested in history, especially that of the era of the WBTS, will take a look at Circa I865..

Apology for infrequent posts

I’d like to apologize for my irregular posting habits lately.

I don’t usually like to discuss my personal business here (a reader warned me that it isn’t a good idea for obvious reasons) but I am still dealing with some fairly troublesome health issues, which will be a long-term thing. So it’s hard to keep up regular habits under the circumstances.

I have to say in all honesty that it’s hard not to feel demoralized and discouraged what with the state of the world these days. The infighting on the various blogs is out of hand in some cases. There seem to be so many provocateurs and shills, people who seem to be there just to disrupt and derail any constructive conversation.

And it’s disturbing to see that ideas are now being criminalized, and how strange that the ideas that are being criminalized are basically the traditional American points-of-view that were held by a large majority of our population up until a couple of decades ago. Our ancestors would be guilty of all kinds of ‘offenses’ by today’s new code of ”morality.”

So we who put our thoughts and ideas out there have to learn to be very careful not to inadvertently say the ‘wrong’ thing according to the arbiters of the ever-changing PC codes. That’s not conducive to honesty in self-expression, and the blogger or commenter has to be careful not to veer too close to the proscribed Truth.

It’s hard to maintain morale under these circumstances. But I try to rally my spirits and keep on going, though things don’t exactly look bright.

Regardless, I appreciate anyone who stops by this blog and reads, despite my lack of inspiration and energy lately.

New ‘hub’ link

I’m adding a link to a new ‘hub’ which I’ve just learned of. I wonder is the name ‘Pro-White’ considered taboo now? Certainly the idea is considered beyond the pale by the PC commissars.

It’s good to see that there is more being done to network. Though I admit I am feeling like the ”red-headed stepchild” as my blog is not linked there. Nevertheless I wish them well. There are a lot of valuable blogs listed there.