On Trump as economic nationalist

“They’ve been brainwashed into thinking it was simply an endless dark carnival of lynch mobs and gator-baiting.”

That’s a great bit of prose there. The above quote is Jim Goad, describing the ‘deluded young commies’ reaction to Trump’s harking back to an earlier America, as he promises to ‘make America great again.’

It does seem as if many of those who don’t remember any America other than this hideous changeling America we see now think that the America of their parents’ or grandparents’ day was an evil, sinister place,  with racists lurking around every corner, not to mention ‘sexists, homophobes, transphobes, and xenophobes.’ And whatever other ‘-phobes’ one can dream up to fill the role as bogeymen for the credulous young.

Readers, you’ve seen that I’ve made some small case against Rafael Cruz on the basis of his dubious allegiances and especially his lack of Constitutional eligibility for the Presidency.  But you will note I haven’t written a pro-Trump piece, stating my reasons for supporting Trump. The fact is I haven’t said I am supporting him, though some may infer it. The fact is, I don’t how I will vote or if, but I certainly admire how Trump has taken the fight to them — meaning all those who are now controlling the debate and the system as it exists. The fact is, I have never heard one of Trump’s speeches all the way through. I don’t know that much about him as far as his political views — except that he opposes ‘free’ trade and the loss of American jobs. I know that his candidacy is a big thumb in the eye to the Establishment and especially to the odious ‘Respectable’ right, Conservative, Inc., the Cuckservatives, call them what you will.

But Jim Goad describes Trump’s ‘economic nationalism’ and yes, I like that about him.

Somebody should be taking the side of Americans, especially those who have been economically displaced.

As a long-time enemy of that evil system called ‘political correctness’ I have to admire that he is truly ”speaking truth to power”, the real power of our day being Cultural Marxism, political correctness, the suppression of honesty and truth. He is currently the only national figure doing this urgent but thankless job.

Rafael Cruz plainly isn’t doing that, nor are any of the others. Trump is one of a kind. If we reject him because he doesn’t fit our ideological paradigm — well, we shouldn’t be slaves to ideology and ”isms” in any case, and we just can’t afford to turn him down.

To use a ‘sexist’ analogy, if we reject him, we may be left old maids, waiting for the perfect (literal) Mr. Right.

“Trump speaks to a maligned, mistreated, and disregarded demographic that the elites of both parties view not as a constituency but as an obstacle. But even though this constituency is majority-white, Trump is never the one who points this out—only his enemies do.

The Trumpsters who have been awakened by The Trumpening have been systematically beaten down and silenced into a sort of learned helplessness. And then comes Trump speaking directly to them—but far more to their economic anxieties than to their ethnic ones.

Sure, they love Trump because he represents a huge wet sloppy unapologetic fart in the face of all the Cultural Revolution-style witch-hunting madness of the Obama years. But I think they love him even more because he’s the first presidential candidate in memory to speak directly to their completely legitimate economic anxieties.”