Losing the will to action

It’s interesting that just about the time I wrote a post here commending what I saw as Canadian outspokenness about their situation, there was a thread posted at the Council for European Canadians, which took the opposite position. The counter-opinion, which just happened to appear at around the same time as my own post, came from a Hungarian-born Canadian, who had apparently come to Canada after the Hungarian revolution of the late 50s.

The thread became a little contentious as some people, especially those who had immigrated to Canada decades ago, perceived that Canadians has become, in their view, more passive or fatalistic about being demographically displaced, or replaced, to use the Trudeau verbiage.

So from another point of view, Canadians, rather than becoming emboldened to speak out against their dispossession, were becoming more passive.

It is probably true that, not having the historical perspective of these past refugees to Canada, that is, those who came as legitimate refugees from a Communist country, my context was lacking.

It’s probably also true, sad to say, that all the Western countries, all those who are being subjected to demographic replacement or displacement have become fatalistic about the chances of reversing the situation. How is anything to change when, behind all this drama, you have the U.N. engineering this whole scenario, knowingly, and you have all these unseen, unidentified movers and shakers, people who have deep pockets and huge influence, and yet who are mostly unknown by name or by face to most people. Yes, we do know who some of them are; but the politicians involved, those who are ”elected” to ”represent” us, are errand boys and front men, as seems obvious. To whom can we appeal? No one, because this has been decided over our heads, as I’ve said for some years now. We are not given any say in this. We’ve been written into the script as the villains and the ‘out’ group, and thus deserve no say.

Oh, but am I ”conspiracy” theorizing? Everything the left and their unthinking followers dislike or object to discussing is deemed a ”conspiracy theory” and thus a product of paranoia. Implicit (or in some cases explicit) is the risible idea that conspiracies don’t happen. Thus anyone who believes in so obviously false an idea is crazy, imagining things, living in a fevered dream, probably in need of ‘re-education’ or ‘psychiatric help.’ They’ve really got this sewed up so that there’s no way to even discuss this with the True Believers. Or are they ‘true believers’ or just fast-talking, slick liars? They are not honest, and they don’t argue in good faith, ever, on any subject.

I always said that I was at heart an optimist, yet how is it possible to maintain a shred of optimism when we are up against people who are so devious and so absolutely closed-minded? Believe it or not I still don’t believe in giving up. I said that should I ever become a cynical pessimist and doomsayer I would give up blogging because there could be no point.

It often does seem, most days, as if I have nothing positive to contribute and if I had, it would go unheeded as I seem to be out of step with the majority on ‘our side’, as pessimism seems to have won the day, hands down.

Yet there is a God in heaven and He will have the last word. If I did not believe that (which I do, firmly) there would be no point. So though I have to contend with illness and discouragement I am not of a mind to give up and conceded that the battle is lost.

Say not the struggle nought availeth.” We can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. There are ‘principalities and powers’, and yet even they are not as powerful as they — and some of us — may think. They merely try to project a powerful image but we must not be fooled by appearances, and be ‘psyched’ into giving up. It’s hard to tell people to take heart when all seems (almost) lost. I think we are letting ourselves be spiritually defeated, and ‘demoralized’ in the true sense of the term by these relentless forces. But we have to stand for something, not merely against something.

Glass houses, again

The fake outrage being directed by Hillary et al in the wake of the Trump ‘scandal’ is absurd. Not only Hillary but all the Clintons’ blind followers are guilty of defending the worst sort of lewd and immoral behavior, going back to the 1980s and 1990s, at a time when the country still had some vestiges of Christian sexual morality.

I can remember when Hillary as well as the rest of the Clinton media mouthpieces brazenly said, on national TV, that adultery was no big deal; everybody did it, and not only that, everybody lied about it afterward. ‘Of course you’d lie! Who wouldn’t lie? Why would you confess to it if you weren’t caught in the act? Lying is reasonable and understandable human behavior!’ That was the anti-moral party line coming from the Clintons and all their lackeys back then.

Bill Clinton denied, in the most bald-faced way, all the many allegations of rape or sexual assault against him; his accusers were many. But there was little attempt to deny that he did have at least one adulterous affair, that with Gennifer Flowers. Hillary, by all accounts, knew of this and was willing to stay with him in spite of it, so her morality was not so puritanical as her present feigned ‘horror’ about Trump’s comments would indicate.

The left, in general, is the most libertine, sexually loose and immoral segment of society, though unfortunately their libertinism is now shared across the political spectrum. People who hold to the old Biblical morality of chastity and sex within marriage are few and far-between, but it is primarily the left that loudly champions ”anything goes” sexuality and public sexual displays — media, advertising, public nudity, etc. So just how they think they can credibly have it both ways in pretending that Trump’s ”locker room” talk is ”horrific” is beyond me. And nobody should let them get away with it.

Obviously I’m part of two of the groups (women and Christians) who are supposed to be turned away from Trump by this ‘scandal’ but then I never held any illusions that Donald Trump or any other politician (except, possibly one or two real Christians who may exist in politics) shared my traditional moral standards. It’s pretty much a given to me that politics is not the place to expect to find people with Christian sexual morality.  And from all I have read Hillary is no paragon of traditional morality in her own, shall we say, irregular personal choices, quite apart from her condoning and being complicit in her ”husband’s” sexual predations.