Panic buying, food shortages

Al Fin at his blog discusses why shelves are empty in many grocery stores. I’ve honestly wondered about this: are we really short of needed food supplies and other items? Things are becoming scarce in many places and that itself seems to inspire more fear and compulsive buying. I think Al Fin’s post sheds some light on what is happening.

He does mention the role of the media in creating the mindset that causes the public to panic:

Unfortunately, too much of western news media is constantly focused on creating anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. There are underlying political reasons why the managing interests of media outlets attempt to manipulate the emotions of those who consume their product. The brighter persons in the population learn to tune the media out as much as possible. The alternative is to live in a state of chronic anxiety.

Still here

Sorry I have been absent for a while. Health issues (no, not the Corona virus, thank God) and then a major computer crash, and a lot of time getting things back in order.

Then, very oddly I thought, I couldn’t access the blog; my access to just about everything on the Internet was thwarted and I could not log in anywhere. I started wondering if the ‘Social Credit system’ which was devised in China recently had been put in place and I was one of the ‘bad citizens’ to lose Internet privileges.

Eventually, well obviously I was able to get into my blogs and for now I can post. It is a very weird feeling to be prevented from accessing a lot of web sites and blogs that I habitually visit. I wonder if anyone else out there has had this happen, or was I just the lucky one?

As far as life in this surreal epidemic atmosphere, where I live, we are having food shortages in the local grocery stores and the shelves are picked clean in places like pharmacies and other retailers. It seems there is hoarding going on. That is a little worrying, but in general I am not panicking but warily and skeptically watching what is going on.

Incidentally, for a good take on the Coronavirus panic, read Pastor Bret’s post from the Iron Ink blog. Hist thoughts are similar to mine but with some additional food for thought.