Political views by generation

Via Zero Hedge, the results of a survey by YouGov on the voting trends by generation in the UK, with the results being from the recent elections in the UK.


Evidently the same patterns hold true in this country as in the UK, with the younger voters being decidedly to the left in their voting habits, and the oldest being most ‘right-wing.’ The pattern held true in the Brexit referendum, with the young being very upset at the “racist” oldsters for voting to leave the EU.

Without the votes of the older segments (50+, and especially 60+) Britain could not have had a chance of extricating itself, via Brexit, from the EU.

Youth has its good points, but the young on both sides of the Atlantic seem to have been easy prey for the left’s propaganda for all these years. One can hope they’ll outgrow it, but they have to want to. They can easily find the truth if they really want to know; nobody has to be a victim of propaganda but it seems to have quite a hold on some segments of the population in the West.