Cthulhu and ‘wokeness’

Those who read H.P. Lovecraft will want to read Thomas Bertonneau’s piece at The Orthosphere. It’s titled Woke: Cthulhu Awakens. The whole society does seem to be moving in the direction of the sort of weird, sinister milieu that Lovecraft depicted in his stories, especially the Cthulhu mythos stories. Bertonneau ties it all up in… Continue reading Cthulhu and ‘wokeness’

The bargain

An interesting piece at 28 Sherman makes an analogy between the ‘deal’ made by our so-called elites, in which for supposed economic benefits they agree to a deal with  outsiders which incidentally changes our very identity and essence, and the ‘deal’ made by the people of Innsmouth in a fictional story. The story is by… Continue reading The bargain