Uncharted waters

Does it seem as though the world is getting darker and darker? I mean, in the sense of becoming murkier, more uncertain, more unsettled. I’ve been saying this to people for some years now. It’s just something that’s palpable to me, and it’s distressing.

It seems so many recent events are odd, unprecedented, and things are spiralling out of control. Maybe some few don’t feel it, and think I am exaggerating or magnifying things.

The line from Yeats, ‘Things fall apart; the center cannot hold‘ comes to mind. Well, for years I’ve been quoting the rest of that poem, especially the part about ‘the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Was Yeats prophetic? I ask rhetorically, though Yeats was unlikely to have been divinely inspired; he was a dabbler in the occult — more than a dabbler, actually; he was involved with the Aleister Crowley cult, Crowley touting himself as the world’s most evil man, or something of the sort.

At this point, it’s people who dissent from the present day’s orthodoxy who are considered ‘evil’ — people who question the leftist, PC consensus. It’s they and their subservient media who control the narrative and the dialectic.

Thinking back to when I began blogging — that was 13 years ago, I think — there still seemed to be reason to hope that America might wake up from its stupor and see what was transpiring, but no; it seems in retrospect that people were reluctant to open their eyes, and wanted to remain in the dark.

But when I began, I thought there was hope in trying to awaken our folk to our history, our heritage, our traditions — and yes, we did and do have a culture. I hoped to exhort people to some kind of healthy pride and awareness of where we came from, and what we had in our way of life and our very identity. But as time went on, and with the changing of the guard — the passing of the older generations and the new ‘young adult’ generations — there no longer seemed to be a receptive audience to the message I tried to convey. Cynicism is the order of the day, and to be honest it’s partly the fact that some of the younger ones never learned the history of their folk or of this country. History and heritage don’t sell. There is no demand for that it seems.

The pietas to which Cambria Will Not Yield often alludes must be found and restored. But are we ready to do that?

If I had my wish, I would focus on our history, and on our fellow-feeling, our love for our own, for our folk. That, to me, is of value; the political situation is very worrying and maddening at times. I don’t believe there will be a political solution to our crisis.

It seems we’re far from home, without a compass or a map.

Acknowledging we are lost is hard in times like these, at least for those who, like me, tend to be optimistic — though cautiously, much more cautiously so, in these times. We have to be honest and acknowledge that we are in uncharted waters. But then we can’t lose heart and lose hope.

Having just read CWNY’s latest post, his last paragraph says some of what I am thinking:

There are no supports left for the Christian European. Everything Christian and European has been torn asunder. Only our hearts are left. Inside His Kingdom of the heart, we must find the strength to resist liberalism and cling to our European hearth fire. All is indeed cheerless, dark, and deadly – we have only our “trembling faith,” and His promise that He will be with us “alway, even unto the ending of the world.” +


Once again, administration spokesmen are saying that “1 million illegal immigrants” are scheduled to be sent home when the order is given. It seems we’ve heard something like this before, and not too long ago. And it seems that the person who announced similar plans before is accused by some of having leaked the plans. As some blogger (I don’t remember who it was) said at the time, why does the man in question still have a job?

Now I am having doubts as to whether the accused man was guilty of ‘sabotaging’ the deportation plan, because the administration again seems to be purposely giving a sort of general heads-up to let interested parties know what the plans are. Or are we being led up the garden path? Is there even a plan for sending anyone home, or is this all just theatre?

While we’re at it, what about that ‘1 million’ number: there must be at least 40 or 50 million here, given that they’ve been arriving for decades now, year round, (not just during ‘picking season as they did when they were officially just ‘migrant workers) and given that all 50 states, yes, including Alaska and Hawaii, have a population of the groups in question. Some parts of the Northwest have towns with all-Spanish-speaking town councils. Even New England, which many seem to think is populated by WASP yankees still, has burgeoning communities of immigrants. They can’t all be legal, as we supposedly admit only (“only”?) 1 million a year.

Ten or more years ago it was said by some group that maybe 30-40 million illegals were here. Just going by stolen Social Security number statistics, 40 million is possible.

But if there is an actual plan to give these people tickets home, and wish them godspeed, then doing is more important than talking about it. Talk is cheap, and a lot of credibility is being squandered by all the talk.