Ignorance and apathy

Ignorance and apathy are surely two of the biggest threats to us in our day.

Few people seem to know the truth — they are ignorant — and even fewer care about the truth, being apathetic towards it.

An example: the left and their minority  clients are making hay over Melania Trump’s speech at the GOP convention. They’ve created a tempest in a teapot, something at which they are notoriously adept, claiming that the speech was knowingly ”stolen” by Melania. And this, of course, is a racial issue — after all, what isn’t,  to them? If it isn’t racial, they are absolute wizards at making it into a racial issue.

The shameful New York Times has an article about this, discussed here by Steve Sailer’s commenters. Some person named Yasmin Yonis, good old all-American name, that, says

“White women have spent centuries stealing black women’s genius, labor, babies, bodies.”

Genius? The less said on that issue, the better. Did White women (or men) ‘steal‘ black women’s labor? How, when? Even in the day of chattel slavery, something was given in exchange for labor, namely, food, clothing, shelter, and lifelong care, actually, ,when laboring days were over, in old age. Many White indentured servants had a similar arrangement, the only difference being that they would be unbound from servitude after a prescribed time — but then again the White indentured servants were on their own after that, and could not expect anyone to provide for them in old age or infirmity.

Babies? When did White women steal babies from black women? Oh yes, the old Harriet Beecher Stowe version of ‘history’ again. Somebody on the iSteve thread gives Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and other black-obsessed celebrities as examples. Sadly we could also add Sandra Bullock and several others who are obsessed with having ‘diverse’ children, especially black ones. This, to me, is adulation of blacks, but in the black mind, it is exploitation or perhaps ‘racism’ in the form of paternalism or maternalism. Condescension. Maybe that’s true to some extent. And sadly these aberrant women have imitators among the common folk; a number of women in my area hold fund-raisers now and then to finance their quest for black children from Haiti or Africa. Some prefer Guatemalans or Asian children, but black adoptions carry the most cachet. I would support black efforts to pass some kind of regulation as the Russians did, forbidding foreigners from ‘buying’ orphaned children and taking them away from their natural kin. Likewise, American Indians forbid White adoption of their children, and this seems sound to me. I would be troubled at the idea that our folk’s orphans could be bought by wealthy foreigners and shipped off to another continent or country.

Stealing black women’s bodies: how is that done? Slavery yet again? What about the Barbary pirates (Moslems) stealing millions of White women (and men and children), with many unfortunate White girls and women forced into harems in the Arab world? But oh, no, only blacks and other nonwhites are ever victims.

I am surprised that ‘Yasmin’ in the article does not charge us with stealing black women’s souls as well.

But as to the supposed plagiarized speech by the ‘First Lady’, it appears from what I have read that the speech was cobbled together from bits of other people’s speeches. Does anyone write an original speech anymore? In this age of degeneration of our English language skills, it’s not surprising that no one seems to be able to write a decent speech. Once our children read good literature and were well-schooled in the use of the English language, and they had to learn to write, everything from social letters to essays and poetry; to be well-educated they had to be able to speak extemporaneously when needed and to use, with citation, quotes from great thinkers and writers. Nowadays this is gone.

One depressing aspect of this brouhaha is the quibbling over one phrase in Melania Trump’s speech: the phrase ‘word is bond‘ or some variation. Even on ‘conservative’ forums some say the phrase is from hip-hop. I can scarcely believe that any educated adult would say such a thing; ‘his word is his bond’ or ‘my word is my bond’ are phrases that are age-old. Have Americans become so ignorant of our own idioms and aphorisms, and of the words of past writers, that we think a phrase like that could originate with some hip-hop ‘artist’ with at best, a high-school diploma?

It seems that especially with the younger generations, many old sayings are believed to have come from contemporary popular culture rather than from the long-ago past. An example: ”Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Most people think that phrase was a ‘Klingon proverb’, at best a creation of the writers of Star Trek, when in fact it’s a proverb that is in many old books of proverbs from various cultures. (To me, it’s a cynical and ugly proverb, but it seems to appeal to postmoderns). Then there’s ”Keep your friends close, your enemies closer” which many credit to the TV series The Sopranos. That cynical saying, too, was not invented by a scriptwriter, but has been around for some time. But most people’s knowledge base is limited mostly to current or recent pop culture; the world begins and ends with pop culture. Hip-hop artists are in Bartlett’s Quotations these days, so debased is our culture.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of our folk don’t know any better than the lies put out by the media and the “victim” classes they serve. And those who do know better seem not to care enough to stand up against the lies and remind people that there is an objective truth which must be guarded and defended in order to keep us strong.