Excuse my skepticism

A Washington Post poll is cited as evidence that ‘most’ voters want a halt to immigration, and the part that is being heavily touted by many sources, especially ‘conservative’ sources is that Hispanics are the most opposed to continued immigration.

First of all, the source being the Washington Post makes me dubious of the accuracy and of the analysis of the information. The WaPo, in my book, is just as partisan as the NYT.

Also, the controlled media has for years now been telling us periodically that Latin American immigrants are heading back to their home countries in droves. Is there any actual evidence that this was ever true? If so, why does it appear that their numbers are increasing rather than decreasing?

Another aspect of this is that the Republican mainstream, that is, the party apparatchiks and the GOP loyalists, who are generally very Politically Correct and devotees of the ‘Big Tent’ inclusive-and-diverse doctrine, want so very, very much to believe that the GOP can win over those who are (as they put it) ‘kept on the Democrat plantation‘. For some reason these liberal GOP members like the slave allusions; they invented the ‘Dems are the Real Racists’ mantra and they seem to have got a lot of ‘conservatives’ to adopt their rhetoric — why, or how, is a mystery to me. They just can’t grasp that it is not a winning strategy to adopt the arguments and tropes of the hard-core left, with their constant name-calling and witch-hunting.

And suppose the oppressed who escape the Democrat Plantation, as they call it, do join the ”right” or at least the GOP. The plantation refugees, as we’ll call them, will just become a client group, who will be ‘special’ because they will be held up as examples of how we just need to ‘reach out’ so that people can feel ‘welcome’ and join our side. But at one time that kind of thing was called ‘pandering’, an attempt to attract more warm bodies who will likely need coddling or quid pro quo to really be ‘with us’ . And suppose their presence changes the very nature of the party membership? I always said this kind of outreach and catering would pull the ‘right’ ever more leftward, and looking back to what the right used to be, especially the old-time paleo-cons, vs. today’s squishy, PC ‘conservatives’ who have embraced all kinds of once-lefty positions — I think there is a need for some to believe the supposed ‘good news’ that we can win over people whose own interests run counter to our own.

One more caveat about the poll: notice the question is about a very temporary pause on immigration, not a permanent halt by any means. If uncontrolled immigration, as it now exists, should continue, is by nature a threat (as the article mentions) then why continue it at all? We see the results all too clearly after decades of neglect and lassitude on the part of the citizenry and our derelict politicos.

Stopping immigration?

Is there any truth to that story which appeared yesterday? Is the President going to ‘ban immigration‘ from Mexico or anywhere else?

I am still waiting for his executive order ending birthright citizenship. Whatever happened to that? Evidently the political classes count on Americans having a very, very short attention span and a chronic case of amnesia when it comes to promises made by politicians.

It seems to me that Americans have come to expect — and to settle for — very little from their political leaders. Most of those who are pro-Trump are not upset at the lack of follow-through on these immigration issues (which played a big part in getting Trump nominated and elected) and they are loath to criticize anything he does or does not do.

Some of this may be because of the constant shrill carping and criticizing by the left, which produces an instinct to defend the President no matter what, but blind loyalty is never a good thing — all Presidents (well, most) are human and are capable of being wrong at times. But sometimes I have wondered whether the left’s constant attacks are a deliberate attempt to elicit knee-jerk reactions from the right. If so, it’s working like a charm. It worked during the G.W. Bush administration too, when a lot of Republicans defended ‘W’ and the Iraq war just because the left constantly attacked Bush. The same loyal Republicans also started attacking those to their right (anyone who didn’t support the war, or failed to defend W constantly.)

I did vote for Trump, but with considerable reservations about it.

It seems the ‘right’, very broadly speaking, is divided into the pro-Trump camp, and the Q believers. There is some overlap; they are mostly civic nationalists who are content with milk-and-water civnattery. Q’s message, from the drops I’ve seen, seems to be that we can have a kumbaya multicult society as long as everybody is ‘conservative’ and patriotic, and that division is only artificial, created solely by the left or the PTB, not by any innate or cultural differences.

That kind of blank-slate ‘Americanism’, plus the lack of will to do anything to slow, much less stop, mass immigration, will guarantee us a multicultural, polyglot, patchwork nation which is no nation. The die is cast, it appears to me. Half-measures — even half-measures would be better than what we are doing now — and half-truths and unkept promises, empty rhetoric — all adds up to defeat. I always said I would quit blogging once it seemed all hope was lost. I think ours is a lost cause and given the utter passivity I see in the way people are reacting to our present predicament I don’t expect to see the necessary changes that would salvage what is left of what was our country.

I believe that justice and truth will win, because ultimately Truth must prevail. But I don’t believe politics or politicians are to be our ‘salvation’. We have to look elsewhere for that.

Banishing reality

Now the left is proclaiming that anyone who uses the term ”illegal alien” must be condemned.

Of course this was the panel on ”Meet the Press”, indicating the usual leftist bigotry. I would like to think that the average citizen is more reasonable and not as radically left as is the “Meet the Press” panel.

Why do these people demand ‘condemnation’ of anyone using a factual term? They say that the phrase “illegal alien” is an invitation to violence, that it is ‘dehumanizing’ and lacking in empathy.

Speaking for myself, I have plenty of empathy; I’ve never been accused of a deficiency of that quality — but it’s hard to empathize with people who knowingly flout laws and violate boundaries. I would not empathize with someone breaking into my home, or my neighbors’ homes. Why would I? I’ve never felt an urge to let myself into someone’s home, to sneak in through a window or to break in. The left, who are prone to “empathize” excessively with lawbreakers, inevitably claim that the illegals poor dears are ”forced” to come here lest they die of starvation or fall victim to violence in their own countries. I know of no famine in their home countries, nor are they in fear of their lives from some kind of murderous pursuers. Yet I am still expected to ”empathize” with those millions who ‘let themselves in’ to this country, in violation of laws.

I keep reading about the many leftists who are fleeing to Canada because they so abhor our country and our current political situation. Do those fleeing leftists just saunter across into Canada as the spirit moves them? Do they tunnel across in the dead of night — there are tunnels found on the U.S.-Canada border. But somehow I suspect even the leftists don’t defy the Canadian laws and sneak across in violation of Canadian laws. I would bet they observe the rules and get the necessary paperwork. Funny, that. Why not follow the example of their mascot illegals undocumented pre-Americans? If this world is naturally borderless, and borders are just a socio-political construct, why not just rush the Canadian border and demand your free health care, education, and housing? Seems like a good plan for millions of illegal aliens Americans-to-be; it works for them, as witnessed by the fact that upwards of 30 million have successfully arrived.

By the way, I am not recommending this course of action to anyone, lest anyone twist my words. It’s meant as irony, for anyone who is in doubt.

In any case the Canadians seem to control their borders more closely than we do.

But back to this condemnation business: American citizens, in theory covered by First Amendment freedom of speech, are to be ‘condemned’ for the words they choose to express themselves. Certain words merit condemnation in the left’s eyes, but illegal unlawful entry of another country is something which deserves ’empathy’ and support. What next?

Next? I wouldn’t be surprised to see more de-platforming, more people banned from Twitter and more blogs taken down because of of using speech that the all-powerful left ‘condemns.’ And who gave anyone on the left power to nullify the First Amendment? Who made them gods over the rest of us, to control what we can say and what we can’t say?

Another edict of the left: any mention of ‘conspiracy theories‘, so-called, will possibly bring on more de-platforming and more disappeared blogs — but only one side, the right, is ever targeted for this sort of thing. Funny.

Never mind the fact that conspiracies have happened throughout human history — anytime two or more people collude or cooperate in some sort of plan, that’s a conspiracy. But the left, including those who control which views are heard and which are silenced, thinks they can ban something which undoubtedly is factual.

The left can ban and banish and de-platform all they like, but they cannot erase Truth itself. Truth always wins, ultimately. But the left keeps on working tirelessly to nullify reality.